Coltello in Ceramica Sfilettatore cm 20
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Coltello in Ceramica Sfilettatore cm 20 Coltello in Ceramica Sfilettatore cm 20 Coltello in Ceramica Sfilettatore cm 20

Ceramic Knife Sfilettatore cm 20


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Package contents:

1 20cm “Sfilettatore” knife in white ceramic

1 protective case

More info:

Egonomic handle made using two materials: the white part in POM, and the black part in non-slip silicone to allow a perfect grip even with with hands.

The hardness, compactness and resistance zirconium oxide provides several advantages compared to traditional stainless steel cutlery:

1) Ceramic blades are very sharp, light, easy to manage and resistant: in fact, they can be used for longer than stainless steel knives—even for years—without having to be resharpened.

2) They will not become oxidized and are not susceptible to acidic foods which generally ruin stainless steel blades over time.

3) Ceramic blades will not oxidize foods nor alter their flavor or scent. Whether we prepare a fruit salad, cut vegetables or meat, they will all maintain their properties intact for much time (whereas with stainless steel knives, these foods would be altered after just a few minutes, due to oxidization).

4) They are non-allergenic because they do not contain any kind of metal

5) The incredible compactness of the material makes them easy to clean

The quality of our blades:

Our ceramic knives are certified by the American FDA and the German LFGB, the two most rigorous organizations worldwide.

The selection of the materials as well as the production techniques used are fundemental for this kind of knife: in particular, the percentage of zirconium oxide used, which is the material which gives these blades their hardness, long-lasting sharpness and resistance to blade grinding. This is a very important aspect, because even if a ceramic blade will remain sharp for a long time, it will need to be resharpened sooner or later. Should the blade be made with the wrong materials, it would be impossible to resharpen, because it would literally crumble in contact with the grindstone. To certify its materials, Classe Italy laser marks the composition on each blade.

Use and maintenence:

-     rinse in warm water or hand wash with neutral detergent

-     do not use the knife to scratch or shave

-     do not use the knife as a lever

-     do not rotate the knife on itself while cutting

-     do not use the knife to cut frozen foods, bones or fishbones

-     do not wash the knife in the dishwasher

-     store the knife in its protective case or in a knife rest

-     keep out of reach from children

-     do not sharpen the blade using a sharpening steel

-     avoid washing with an abrasive sponge or powder detergent


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