Conditions of the Affiliation Programme

General Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to the collaboration between Classe Srl hereinafter referred to as "Classe" and the person or company ( hereinafter referred to as "affiliate" ) that will be responsible for sponsoring the products sold on the site, in order to finalise the sale of the products in return for a commission.

The commission is 12% and is applied to the amounts including VAT, consequently the accrued commission that you will find in your reserved area will be VAT included.

AFFILIATE LINK: The affiliation programme provides for a link extension to be provided to the affiliate ( example: ?ref=0526 ) that he can add to the end of each link on the Class site, in order to keep track of all sales generated. Alternatively a unique link leading to the home page of our website.
We suggest in the case of promoting a specific item to use the direct link to the product with the addition of the affiliate extension.
ATTENTION: We recommend a careful review of the links you are going to insert because if they are not correct, the system will not track sales and Classe will not be responsible in any way.

USE OF DISCOUNT CODES: We have the possibility of using discount codes that will be visible in the private area with percentages that can vary from 2 to 10%. For the use of discount codes, we recommend occasional use, possibly linked to a particular event or circumstance, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.
In any case, a formal communication to is required.

Commissions and Payments

The affiliate's accrued commissions will be visible by logging into his private area. Payment of these commissions may be requested either by PayPal or Bank Transfer. The commissions can be collected from a minimum amount of 50€ and in the case of high volumes we suggest requesting them monthly so as not to burden both with too segmented an invoicing.
The information for collecting the commissions must be entered in the private area by clicking on the "PAYMENT INFORMATION" tab and entering the email associated with your PAYPAL account and the IBAN in the appropriate fields in the case of Bank Transfer.

Use of information and multimedia content

All content on the websites listed at the end of this paragraph is the property of Classe. They may only be used as a trace, they may not be copied and pasted in exactly the same way, on pain of being penalised by search engines.

Photographic and video material, on the other hand, may be used with prior permission.

Classe will not be liable for any incorrect or misleading information that users learn on sites other than those listed below. We therefore recommend the utmost honesty in the editing of content used to promote the sale of products.

For further information please contact us at