PASTAIO Pasta Maker - RECONDITIONED - Like New with Warranty
PASTAIO Pasta Maker - RECONDITIONED - Like New with Warranty
PASTAIO Pasta Maker - RECONDITIONED - Like New with Warranty
PASTAIO Pasta Maker - RECONDITIONED - Like New with Warranty

PASTAIO Pasta Maker - RECONDITIONED - Like New with Warranty

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MACHINE RECONDITIONED AS NEW, with 3 year warranty.

For more information on the imperfections you may find on a RECONDITIONED product, please consult the extended information sheet further down the page.

Choose the Number of Embedded Drawings
  • 11 Drawings
  • 12 Drawing dies ( 1 Bronze )
  • 14 dies ( 3 in Bronze )
  • 16 dies ( 5 in Bronze )
  • 20 dies ( 9 in Bronze )



Why buy
a reconditioned machine?

Buying a reconditioned machine represents a unique opportunity to save much more than you would with any other current promotion, without of course giving up anything in terms of quality and warranty.

Why do we offer
of reconditioned machines?

We have a number of machines that we use to show customers in our company shop the assembly and disassembly stages and others that we use during demonstration and training events. These machines obviously CANNOT be sold as new, and having received several requests from our customers, we decided to accommodate them by offering them for purchase.

Do Refurbished Machines
have a Warranty?

All our reconditioned products come with the same warranty as new products. PASTAIO has a 3-year warranty.

What imperfections could I find?

For 80% of our reconditioned products, the imperfections will only be on the box. However, there may be some very slight imperfections ( small scratches ) in the transparent components that are formed in the demonstration stages where we show how the machine is assembled and disassembled.

What can I do if I am NOT satisfied with the product I received?

If you are not satisfied with the product or the quality of the machine you received, you still have the possibility to return it as with any other product.

How are machines reconditioned?

The process is divided into 3 phases:

  • FUNCTIONAL TESTING of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • REPLACEMENT of any components if they have been used, with new ones. (this occurs if the machine has been used for demonstration purposes, in which case we replace all parts in contact with foodstuffs, i.e. tray, lid, shaft, auger and dies)
    If the machine has NOT been used but has only been opened for illustrative purposes, the components will be subjected to ultrasonic washing.
  • PACKAGING in the original packaging, which can often be the only part that we do NOT refurbish.



Or write to us using one of the two chats here on our online shop.

Do you want to choose the dies?

Contact us to customise your choice of included dies.

28 cm
18 cm
Power W
180 W
Homemade fresh pasta machine

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