Loading hopper | Smart
Loading hopper | Smart

Loading hopper | Smart


The hopper, or loading funnel, is used to feed the foodstuffs correctly into the squeeze cup and to give the motor the go-ahead to start operation. | Model for VIVO Smart


The hopper, or filling funnel, is used to properly introduce the food into the squeeze cup. This component is also equipped with a sensor that communicates with the motor body and instructs it to only start up if correctly closed.

NB: this accessory is available in two different sizes, before proceeding to purchase it is necessary to check the size of the opening of the one in your possession and select it from the drop-down menu before adding it to the cart.


BPA Free plastic product


This accessory is compatible with the VIVO Smart extractor

Package Contents:

1 Hopper ( filling funnel ) for VIVO Smart


Official Italian 2-year warranty


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