VIVO Smart Compact | 43 RPM cold juice extractor
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor version 2022
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor cup
Vivo Smart Compact Beet Juice Extractor
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor locking system
VIVO Smart Compact | 43 RPM cold juice extractor
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor version 2022
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor cup
Vivo Smart Compact Beet Juice Extractor
Vivo Smart Compact juice extractor locking system

VIVO Smart Compact | 43 RPM cold juice extractor

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  • 9th generation extractor
  • Made of Tritan, BPA-free
  • Cold pressing
  • DOUBLE LOCK protection system
  • EASY CLEAN easy to clean
  • Up to 10-year warranty

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Cold Juice Extractor VIVO Smart Compact | 43 rpm

The New Extractor
VIVO Smart Compact

Classe Italy renews its line of extractors thanks to the know-how gained from over 35 years of experience in the sector.

VIVO Compact Smart is the extractor designed for those who want a compact, powerful and easy-to-clean extractor that can make excellent quality juices at a good value for money.

Its contemporary and elegant design blends well into any environment.

Why choose the new VIVO Compact?

designed with experience

Our experience and the suggestions received from our 115,000 customers led us to redesign our new extractors from scratch. The VIVO Smart Compact has been designed by reducing the number of components to a minimum, to make it more usual and easier to clean. In doing so, we have eliminated any weak points present in previous models.

Certified materials

The choice of materials is a fundamental aspect in the construction of a high quality extractor. This is why we have constructed the entire extraction body in Tritan, the material considered to be the absolute safest for contact with food.

It has incredible resistance to wear and tear, and mechanical resistance to pressure, fundamental characteristics for a durable instrument.
Tritan is also free of Bisphenol A and S, PVC and Phthalates.

warranty and spare parts

When choosing an extractor, especially if you want a durable product, you should always consider all aspects of warranty and service. Classe Italy provides an additional motor warranty of up to 10 years, and all necessary spare parts in case of accidental breakage.

Why choose the new VIVO Compact?

Big mouth extractor

Extraction unit in TRITAN

The core of the extractor is made of Tritan, the material recommended by the EC for the production of children's plates and cups, precisely because of its healthy and resistant characteristics.

bpa-free extractor

+ 7.4 % MORE JUICE

Thanks to the reduced space between filter and auger, juice extraction is improved by 7.4 per cent compared to the previous model.

bpa-free extractor


The double locking system of the cup and lid guarantees maximum stability and safety during use. Opening the lid stops the motor immediately to avoid any risk.

Big mouth extractor


The 200W - DC motor guarantees excellent extraction force even at low speeds. This type of motor is suitable for an intermediate user (5 days out of 7, for approx. 2 litres of juice per day).

The motor is guaranteed for up to 10 years with our extended warranty formulas.

For intensive use ( 7 days out of 7 even several times a day, up to 4 litres per day ) we recommend the purchase of the Big Mouth model.

cold juice pressing


Our extractors always work at 43 revolutions per minute to cold extract the juice without altering the properties of the food.

Our development and research department has identified 43 as the perfect ratio between extraction speed and temperature stability.

It is not necessary to go below 30/35 rpm as there would be no benefit in terms of temperature, but on the other hand it would reduce juice production too much, making the extractor less effective.

bpa-free extractor


All our extractors have the most stringent certifications issued by the bodies responsible for testing and controlling the safety of materials and electrical parts.

  • CE-certified
  • LFGB and FDA certified
  • SGS-certified
  • GMP-certified

Why buy from Classe Italy?


Assured of the quality of our extractors, in addition to the statutory 2 years, we offer two additional warranty levels:

Free extended warranty up to 5 years on the motor and electrical parts.

Extended warranty up to 10 years on motor and electrical parts and helmet 5 years on Tritan components for a small extra charge.


For Classe, service is a customer service, which is why we always have all spare parts available and out-of-warranty repairs are carried out at cost price, thus eliminating the additional costs of traditional service channels.

In addition, the entire service process is managed remotely by collecting and returning the product directly to your home.

Repairs are carried out in an average of 5 working days. Repairs are covered by an additional 1-year warranty. In the case of manufacturing defects, replacement takes place within 3 working days.

pre-sales consulting

Our team is always available to recommend the most suitable product for your needs.

Contact us free of charge and without obligation for any doubts or questions using chat, phone, email or Whatsapp.

Call us --> 3515518914

WhatsApp --> Click HERE

Or use the chat in the bottom right corner.

What does the offer include?

1 200 W motor block mod. VIVO Compact Smart (43 RPM)
1 5th generation auger
1 Fine extraction filter
1 Tritan squeeze cup
1 Food insert hopper made of BPA Free plastic
1 Pestle
2 1.5 L containers for collecting live juice and fibre
1 Juice dispensing cap
1 Double brush for quick and effective cleaning
1 Instruction manual with recipes

WEEE Eco Contribution included.

Technical characteristics:

  • Can be used continuously for up to 25 minutes.
  • Reverse rotation function available.
  • Dimensions: h 42 W 18 D 22
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Capacity approx. 500 ml
  • Voltaggio:100-240V,50/60HZ
  • Certifications: CE, GS, ROHS, LFGB, CB, ETL, FDA
Power W
Speed Rotation Colclea
43 rpm
10 years
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