Container Coal
Container Coal

Container Coal


Spare perforated steel charcoal container for InstaGrill


Charcoal container measurements for InstaGrill or similar barbecues:

total height 10 cm
diameter 11.4 cm
lower lip diameter 12.4cm ( see photo, at the bottom there is a wider lip )

NB: We can only guarantee compatibility for InstaGrill, for barbecues of other brands please check the dimensions carefully to see whether it will fit

Package content:

Steel charcoal container for InstaGrill.


Useful for renewing the charcoal container and of your barbecue if they have become damaged or worn over time.

Replacement bowl for InstaGrill
Available: Shipped in 24H
Barbecue Spare Parts

Replacement bowl for InstaGrill

Classe Italy
Replacement grease collecting bowl for InstaGrill in steel.

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