Green Ceramic Blade Vegetable Peeler
Green Ceramic Blade Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable Peeler Ceramic Blade

  • Zirconium Oxide 'Ceramic' blade
  • Lightweight and practical to use
  • Precise clean cut and superior sharpness durability
  • Does not oxidise fruit and vegetables
  • Hygienic and very easy to clean


Package Contents

1 Vegetable peeler with white ceramic blade

Usage information:

This vegetable peeler can be used to peel most fruits and vegetables, with excellent cutting performance. Thanks to the ceramic blade, foods will drastically slow down their natural oxidation process while preserving colours and flavours.

More Information:

Ceramic knives are an important innovation made to improve the work of cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs. The hardness, firmness and corrosion resistance of zirconium oxide brings significant advantages over traditional steel cutlery:

  • The extremely sharp, light and easy-to-handle ceramic blades retain their cutting capabilities much longer than steel, they can in fact work for years without needing to be resharpened.
  • They do not fear oxidation, nor the acids that normally attack and corrode steel blades.
  • Ceramic blades do not oxidise or alter the taste and smell of food, so if we go to prepare a fruit salad or cut up vegetables or meat, they will remain unaltered for a very long time, ( on the other hand, if we use a steel knife, all the raw materials would be immediately altered by the oxidation process after just a few minutes.
  • They are hypoallergenic as they do not contain any metal
  • The incredible compactness of the material makes them extremely hygienic and easy to clean.


Blade: High-quality zirconium oxide
Handle: Plastic material

The quality of the


Our ceramic knives are certified to come into contact with food by the American Food & Drug Administration and the German LFGB, which are the strictest when it comes to regulations worldwide.
The choice of raw materials and production techniques is crucial for this type of knife: in particular, the percentage of Zirconium Oxide used, is what obviously gives it the extreme hardness and is responsible for the durability of the edge and the resharpenability of the knife. This aspect is very important, because even if they are very durable, ceramic knives will sooner or later have to be resharpened, and if the right materials have not been used, the blades will be absolutely impossible to resharpen, as the material literally crumbles as soon as it is placed on the special diamond grinding wheels.
The Class company, in order to certify the quality of the materials, laser engraves the material composition on the blade and guarantees that the blades can be resharpened with excellent results in terms of quality.

Use and maintenance

- rinse in hot water or wash by hand gently using neutral soap
- do not use for scraping or planing
- do not use as a lever
- do not rotate during the cutting motion
- do not use it to cut food that is still frozen
- do not wash in the dishwasher
- keep out of reach of children
- avoid using abrasive powders or aggressive sponges for washing


Multipurpose Ceramic Knife 12 cm Multipurpose Ceramic Knife 12 cm 2
Available: Shipped in 24H
Ceramic Knives

Multipurpose Ceramic Knife 12 cm

Classe Italy
- Knife with a 12 cm ceramic blade, ideal for cutting small and medium-sized raw materials, boneless meat in general and small or medium-sized sausages.- Equipped with a blade protection sheath for safe storage.- Not affected by oxidation or the acids present in food- Will not oxidise or alter the flavour of cut food- Certified top-quality materials

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