Ceramic Knives Set 2 Pcs + Chopping Board with Handle 35 x 20 Raw Fruit and Vegetables Red
Ceramic Knives Set 2 Pcs + Chopping Board with Handle 35 x 20 Raw Fruit and Vegetables Red

Ceramic Knives Set 2 Pcs + Chopping Board with Handle 35 x 20 Raw Fruit and Vegetables

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Practical set for cleaning and cutting fruit and vegetables

  • Knives with "Ceramic" Zirconium Oxide blade
  • Lightweight and practical to use
  • Precise clean cut and superior sharpness durability
  • Does not oxidise fruit and vegetables
  • Hygienic and very easy to clean
  • Anti-bacterial cutting board with non-slip silicone inserts
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Azure


Set composition:

1 Vegetable knife with ceramic blade cm 10
1Vegetable peeler with ceramic blade
1Anti-bacterial cutting board cm 35x20 with handle

Further information:

Gift set consisting of 2 ceramic knives from the CLASSE Fun series in the smallest sizes and a vegetable peeler with tilting blade. This set is an excellent choice for those who want to use ceramic knives for preparing fruit and vegetables but at a rather low cost.

Ceramic knives are an important innovation made to improve the work of cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs. The hardness, compactness and corrosion resistance of zirconium oxide brings considerable advantages over traditional steel cutlery:
1) Extremely sharp, light and easy to handle ceramic blades retain their cutting capacity for much longer than steel, they can in fact work for years without needing to be resharpened.
2) They are not afraid of oxidation, nor of the acids that normally attack and corrode steel blades.
3) Ceramic blades do not oxidise or alter the taste and smell of food, so if we go to prepare a fruit salad or cut up vegetables or meat, they will remain unchanged for a very long time, (on the other hand, if we use a steel knife, all raw materials would be immediately altered by the oxidation process after just a few minutes.
4) They are hypoallergenic as they do not contain any type of metal
5) The incredible compactness of the material makes them extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

The cutting board is made of materials specially designed for use with ceramic knives. Microban is the patented treatment that inhibits the formation of bacteria on the surface. The black silicone parts allow perfect adhesion with the board, making it possible to work safely on all surfaces.

The quality of the blades:

Our ceramic knives are certified to come into contact with food by the American Food & Drug Administration and the German LFGB, which are the strictest when it comes to regulations worldwide.
The choice of raw materials and production techniques is crucial for this type of knife: in particular, the percentage of Zirconium Oxide used, is what obviously gives it the extreme hardness and is responsible for the durability of the edge and the resharpenability of the knife. This aspect is very important, because even if they are very durable, ceramic knives will sooner or later have to be resharpened, and if the right materials have not been used, the blades will be absolutely impossible to resharpen, as the material literally crumbles as soon as it is placed on the special diamond grinding wheels.
The Class company, in order to certify the quality of the materials, laser engraves the material composition on the blade.

Chopping board features:

An antibacterial cutting board with anti-slip silicone inserts, it is as high-tech as you can get in this product sector.

The work surface, in which particles of this material are inserted, inhibits the proliferation of bacterial flora that normally find fertile ground in the grooves left by the knife and allows for better cleaning and hygiene of the same. Can be washed in a dishwasher.


Blade: High-quality zirconium oxide
Handle: POM with non-slip surface
Cutting board: Microban patented plastic material that inhibits the growth of bacteria, raised black silicone inserts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to resharpen the blade of a ceramic knife?

Certainly, it is possible to resharpen ceramic knives with special grinding wheels made of diamond powder, which are used in the workshops of specialist knife grinders.

Can the ceramic knife break or chip if it falls to the ground?

Normally, the part most prone to chipping is the tip. However, even a steel knife can splinter or bend if it falls.

How can a ceramic knife be damaged?

In two ways: you can chip the blade by cutting a bone, by prying or by using hard worktops (marble or glass)

Can the knife be washed in a dishwasher?

We do not recommend it for several reasons. If it accidentally comes into contact with other heavy objects during washing it can be damaged. However, cleaning the ceramic knife is so easy that it is not actually necessary to put it in the dishwasher.

Use and care:

- rinse in warm water or wash by hand gently using neutral soap
- do not use the knife for scraping or planing
- do not use the knife as a lever
- do not turn the knife on itself during the cutting movement
- do not use it for cutting food that is still frozen bones or fish bones
- do not wash the knife in the dishwasher
- store the knife in the protective sheath or in a knife holder
- keep the knife out of the reach of children
- do not attempt to resharpen the knife yourself using normal sharpeners
- avoid using abrasive powders or aggressive sponges for washing


Ceramic Chef's Knife 20 cm Ceramic Chef's Knife 20 cm 2
Available: Shipped in 24H
Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Chef's Knife 20 cm

Classe Italy
- A knife with a 20 cm ceramic blade, it has the classic shape of a shredder and enables clean, precise cuts of any kind on medium and large raw materials.- Equipped with a blade protection sheath- Not affected by oxidation or the acids present in food- Will not oxidise or alter the flavour of cut food- Certified top-quality materials

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