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Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax
Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax

Kamado Barbecue - MiniMax

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Kamado Barbecue is not just a simple barbecue.

  • MATERIAL: Made entirely of ceramic (retains heat by releasing it slowly). Stainless steel or cast iron grills.
  • VERSATILITY: Direct cooking ( grilling ), indirect cooking, wood oven cooking ( pizza, bread, buns, roasts etc. ). In addition you can smoke, cook using Woks, frying pans, casseroles, cast iron plates and much more.
  • TEMPERATURE: Very accurate temperature control.
  • ACCESSORIES: Numerous accessories available for countless functions.

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The origins of Kamado

This type of barbecue, known as Kamado ( oven or fireplace ) has Japanese origins and was first discovered by Americans in Japan and later improved and adapted for both domestic and professional use.

The secrets of Kamado Barbecue

The secrets that make this type of BBQ special are the material, and the temperature control.

  • The special ceramic used keeps all the heat generated by the charcoal inside, accumulating it and then releasing it slowly.
  • The perfect regulation of the internal air flows allows us to have a very accurate control of the temperature, allowing even low-temperature cooking (even 60 - 80° for example) or very high temperatures (e.g. 350° C)
  • Versatility is another very important aspect, in fact with kamado it is possible to cook with various types of cooking, such as Direct Cooking, Indirect Cooking, Wood Oven Cooking and Smoking.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Very low smoke emission compared to traditional barbecues.
  • Ignites in just 12 minutes thanks to the chimney (not included) and reaches 250°C in just 18 minutes.
  • Perfect temperature management thanks to thermometer and airflow regulation.
  • Up to 60% savings on charcoal compared to an open steel grill.
  • Great for grilling up to 6 people.
  • Changes colour according to temperature. The higher the temperature, the more the colour changes to orange, allowing you to see the approximate temperature at a glance.
  • It works with charcoal or also with wood.
  • Allows different types of cooking and smoking.
  • Traditional but contemporary design.

What types of cooking can I do with Kamado?

Direct Cooking: ( grilling )

This is the most common and easiest method of cooking. It involves cooking food on a grill directly over coals at a very high temperature. The characteristics are, a good crispy crust on the outside of the food and the inside will still be nice and moist. This cooking technique is best for pieces of meat or general food up to 5/8 cm thick such as hamburgers, beef or chicken steaks, vegetable steaks or veggie burgers. This type of cooking can also be used in combination with Indirect Cooking to cook larger foodstuffs, in which case indirect cooking will be carried out and then at the end a step of Direct Cooking to make the outside more colourful and crispy.

Indirect Cooking:

Indirect Cooking is a very versatile cooking method, and is particularly suitable for large cuts of meat, fish or vegetables. It is a slower type of cooking than direct cooking, but guarantees perfect heat penetration into the food. This type of cooking can be done at various temperatures, usually between 60° and 250°C. This is possible thanks to a special baffle (included in the package) that prevents the heat from reaching the food directly, but at the same time heats the chamber, creating a flow of hot air that perfectly envelops the food. This also makes it perfect for smoking or flavouring. With the Kamado Indirect Cooking is even more effective than with other cooking tools, and adjusting and maintaining the temperature is really easy.

Indirect cooking also includes stews and roasts, whether dry or stewed. In fact, it is possible to cook using a variety of cooking utensils such as a grill, cast-iron griddle, pots, saucepans or woks made of ceramic, iron, aluminium or cast iron

Wood-fired oven cooking:

With the help of a round, smooth stone ( included in the package ) it is possible to bake with all the characteristics of a wood-fired oven.
Preparing pizzas, bread, focaccia or even cakes or biscuits with an unmistakable taste and aroma will be really easy. For this type of baking you need the deflector for indirect baking and the round baking stone (both included in the package). Just bring the kamado to the desired temperature and your preparations will achieve incredible results.


Smoking in itself is more a method of flavouring and preserving food than an actual cooking method.
In Kamado, however, it is possible to do both, i.e. to combine the potential of indirect cooking with the possibility of inserting wood shavings that smoke the food during combustion, cooking it and giving it truly unique aromas. Smoking can be done at temperatures between 60° and 150° and in this case we speak of hot smoking. This type of cooking/flavouring usually takes rather longer than average and can be used for meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. For this type of cooking, some experience and knowledge of the temperatures to be used according to the food to be prepared is necessary.

High-quality materials:

BODY made of special ceramic (natural low-impact material). SUPPORT STRUCTURE Powder-coated steel. GRID and accessories in stainless steel or cast iron. Shelves and handles in Natural Wood.

Kamado dimensions:

Grill diameter: 34.5 cm
Total diameter: 40.5 cm
Height: 55 cm
Maximum dimensions: 55x55x55 ( with handles and stand installed )


Main body: Egg-shaped with double inner chamber and lid with automatic locking when opened.
Support structure: Equipped with 3 support feet that distance the grill from the supporting surface. Two wooden handles make it easy to move around.
Thermometer: Integrated in the upper lid, it allows you to keep the internal temperature under control at all times.
Cooking accessories: This type of barbecue boasts a wide range of cooking accessories. See the list below to find out what is included in the package.

Package contents:

1 Kamado external body with chimney and thermometer
1 Internal combustion chamber
1 External support structure with wooden handles
1 Two-position grill management system
1 Stainless steel grill
1 Ceramic baffle for indirect cooking

Warranty and Service:

Official Italian 10-year warranty.
Express assistance managed entirely by Classe Italy. You can use the telephone contact, email or chat that you can find in the Contact or Assistance section.
All spare parts are available.


Our barbecues are certified for food contact and have passed all release tests at the strictest control bodies, which are the American FDA and the German LFGB.

55 cm
55 cm (including handles)
40.5 cm
10 Years
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